So, where do I begin? I have been tossing the idea around for starting a blog for quite some time now and for some reason, I finally decided it was time to give this thing a go. It may be a function of too much free time at the end of my fourth year or maybe there is some overwhelming amount of existential unrest I am only subconsciously aware or likely both, but I finally decided to make something happen. I have some reservation in adding to the perpetual feed of opinions and musings and whinings so often attributed to my millennial generation, but I hope to create something of value here in creating this..thing.

Why a blog? What’s this thing actually going to say? What’s the message? To be honest, I have an idea and a general direction that I hope to see this new endeavor go, but for the most part I hope to let this blog develop it its own organic way. I am sure that the number of posts and writings will ebb and flow with my own energy and time to invest here, but I hope to create something that others can hopefully enjoy and relate to their own adventures.

Back to that first question -I have a knack for getting sidetracked- I think the blog format is one of the ultimate forms of expression for many reasons. I have always been intrigued by other people’s writings and blogs. The life stories and the musings of professional climbers, mountaineers, adventurers, ultrarunners, mountain bikers, and even of my own friends gives a realism and perspective that you just can’t get from an ‘epic’ 150 second online edit or “insert outdoor gear company” athlete spotlight. Likewise, there is an imaginative and engaging world that only a words and pictures format forces you to create and experience.

There’s also a story to be told that I am not sure any one is telling right now. I will have a sort of ‘about me’ post soon where I will elaborate more, but I am currently finishing up my fourth year of medical school set to graduate in May. In two weeks I will learn where I -I sure hope to freaking God- match into an emergency medicine residency. This thing was originally going to be named, but luckily this med school thing will be over in a few months. Hopefully. All the same, I have always wanted to create something to give hope to others just thinking about entering, fully immersed in, or even already burned out by medicine that the medical field is not the end to all things wild and exciting. Sure, our commitments are different and we will forever have the excuse of not enough time or money, but there are still ways to kindle an adventurous spirit in medicine. You can’t let the SOB win.

That was a bit of a long-winded way to start, but I am excited and invite you all to follow me along this wild journey. I am sure it will be interesting, exciting, and poorly punctuated, but it will be an adventure all the same. Thanks for joining me and let us begin the story of another AdventurER in Medicine.


4 thoughts on “And so we begin..

  1. I like your writing style! It’s conversational, but still concise. My only advice is that consistency is key when starting a blog or similar outlet. I understand the time constraints of school, and I don’t necessarily mean same time every day/week. It can just be hard to keep up as a reader if you have weekly posts and then randomly take a month off. Similarly, keeping your readers updated if you will be a little longer between posts is also helpful. Don’t be afraid to do a short, “hey everyone, things are crazy right now but i’ll have a lot to fill you in on after x amount of time when things have calmed down”, post. I realize this is kind of general, but it’s the kind of stuff that that I think helps build trust in an audience. Just my 2 cents! Excited to be on board captain!


  2. Glad you bit the bullet, I tossed the idea around but decided to wait until something epic happens so I can write a book, just creating my back story now. I’ll see you soon enough man. Cheers


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