I matched. I matched into my #1 pick at Doctors Hospital in Columbus. I can’t freaking believe it. The shitty statistics, the months of auditions and interviews, the madness all paid off and I just matched into emergency medicine. I get to be a real doctor, an ER doctor! This is like a 20 something year old dreaming paying off, and it all just feels too surreal. I can’t believe it.

I’m gunna go a little Nascar/Supercross here for a second and put a shout out to all my sponsors and pit crew. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me the world, the keys and the direction to be successful. Thanks to Paige, Jaelyn and Wyatt for always believing in their big brother. Thanks to Dr. Bloxdorf, Dr. Romanello, Dr. Donze, Thomas, George, Chris, Magdy, Cam and all the other residents at St. John’s for helping mold me into a solid EM applicant. Thanks to the group at OVMC Dr. Hrutkay, Dr. Gooch, Dr. Barr, Chance, Adam x2, and Sasha for the awesome wild med experience and teachings in the Wheeling ED. Thanks to my new Doctors family Dr. Casey, Dr. Frasier, Leigh, Tanner, Andy, Geoff and all the other residents for welcoming me to your kickass program. Thanks to my buddies Kent, Marcus, Sam, Andy, Kevin, Max, Nasir and the rest of my OU-HCOM family for keeping me sane between exams and always laughing along the march through med school. Thanks to all my adventurous homeys Shane, Steve, Adam, Cory, Kevin, Brooks, Dustyn and Corey for always keeping me inspired by your own adventures and letting me live vicariously through your trips and pictures!

Thanks to Watson dog for always acting like and making me feel like the coolest dude on the planet. You were the best bad idea I ever had and I wish I could be half as fast, strong or funny as you! And most of all, huge thanks to my #1 fan and supporter, Gabi. My wife, my best friend, my rock and the glue that holds my proverbial shit together. I wouldn’t be any of what I am today without you and I am forever in your debt for all you do to support me. I love you chica.

Today marks the official start of the next chapter of my life. It’s been a crazy ride and I imagine things are only going to get wilder. I can’t thank everybody enough for their support and help along the way. Sorry if I missed anybody on my list, but I promise that no support or help went unnoticed. Y’all are the best and I am backed by the coolest and most amazing collective group of people that I could ever imagine. Thank you all.

Today I can officially put the ER in adventurER. All systems go and commence launch sequence. Friends, I. AM. STOKED!


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