So I’ve come to realize as have many of my friends or family that get a 4 day late returned phone call or text that there is a perfect inverse relationship between my time spent outside and my interaction with electronics. What I am really trying to say is that I am sorry for missing one of these weekly blog posts last week. I was off and packed in a solid 7 days worth of adventure into 5, and I know I didn’t have any idea where my phone was at least half of that time.

Now that the match has happened I have tried my darnedest to embody the advice of all my mentors to enjoy the next 5 months as much as humanly possible. My family insists that my one greatest skill is the ability to find free time whenever people insist there is none. Really my dad calls it ‘dicking off,’ but I prefer to think of it as just making time. All the same I really hope to pack as much climbing, running, biking, traveling, adventuring and simply living with Gabi and Watson over the next few months.

I was going to do a long trip report of my adventures last weekend with some epic photos to match, but quite honestly I only took a few blurry iPhone photos and the real story is that it was just a couple nice days off.

Day 1: Went to Athens to visit Wyatt. Ate/drank Jackie O’s pizza and beer. Amazing as always. Reminisced with some old friends. It’s amazing how true friends can pick up right where they left off regardless of whether its been days, weeks, months even years apart. Cheers dudes!

Day 2: Went and rode mountain bikes in Kanawha Forest outside of Charleston, WV with Adam & Steve. Amazing as always. Awesome weather. Got crushed by the climbs and was one big leg-cramping exhausted mess by the end. Hit up Black Sheep burritos again in downtown Charleston. Baaa’d ass burrito with the habanero death sauce = baaaaa’d ass next AM. Worth it.


Climbing that WV two track #strugglefest

Day 3: Helped clean up some mtb trails around Athens with old friends. More sunshine and Vitamin D fueled happiness. Played a quick round of disc golf. Gabi and Watson rolled into Athens. Ate Kiser’s BBQ. Those who know, you know. Then camp out, bonfire, beers, stars…

Day 4: OU climbing comp with Wy. Scored a 2nd. Stoked! Felt a little old climbing with all the new scene there. Time sure flies. More Kiser’s. Drove to the New River Gorge. Crashed at AAC campground. Sweet spot. Rain on the truck cap and instantly asleep.

Day 5: Wy’s first day climbing outside. Watson’s first day as a crag dog. My first time back on real rocks in longer than I want to admit. Wet and rainy but still found some dry stuff out at Summersville. Climbed some trad routes at the sport crag. Neat. Lit the fire in Wy, I know he’ll be back there soon. Hopefully that dude gets strong, drags me out on trips and rope guns for me some day! Dinner at Secret Sandwich Society in Fayetteville. Another awesome meal. Drove all the way home that night. Got back to CLE around 3AM. Full. Tired. Satisfied. Spent. Happy.


Orange Oswald Wall

Thumbs up for days off and getting back to adventure. Here’s to another round of that!



My climbing gang.


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