Holy smokes did I get behind on this thing. I gotta admit that a whole bunch of life happened all at once, and the blog unfortunately slipped through the cracks. The biggest and scariest thing that took over was Gabi’s accident. Coming home late from clinicals and on a particularly nasty, rainy February night, a young kid ran a redlight and hit Gabi head on. Luckily she and everybody involved was okay, but the Fiesta or Giesta rather was completely totaled. Of course, the kid didn’t have insurance and no witnesses stopped to give a statement and a he-said, she-said debacle ensued with insurance over the last few weeks.

Blah blah blah I don’t want to complain, but the gist of the story is that I want to put a challenge to my friends to stop driving distracted. I’m guilty of it too. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve pooped without my phone in the last few years. We’re addicted to the darn things, but please put ’em down while you’re driving. I have done my best to do so, and I just want to remind my friends. We get away with thousands of seconds of distracted driving, but it only takes one to ruin someone’s life. Luckily nobody was hurt too bad here and the accident was not too harsh of a reminder.

All that seriosity aside, I want to keep this blog something a little more lighthearted. With that, I happily announce that Gabi and I did embrace the ultimate outdoor stereotype and are driving a saweet new Subaru. Living the outdoor cliche dream I guess with our Subaru and candidly-placed black lab in the backseat..

We also moved out of Cleveland. I wrapped up rotations and hit the road to Utah. Currently in an Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) and a Search and Rescue (SAR) course for the month of April. Also been trying to make up for 4 years of med school with 4 weeks of adventuring here around SLC. I’ve been busy and plenty of photos and trip updates to come soon.

Thanks y’all for hanging in there over my unexcused absence. I’m gunna try and get this thing turned back over and running back on track. Til then keep adventuring my friends and tune back in soon. Plenty of adventure and medicine to come!


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