Life has always had this funny way of presenting the most interesting of things at the most perfect of times. Maybe I unconsciously seek out or I simply notice these moments more because of their relevance or maybe it could even be skewed into some sort of ‘sign,’ but I like to think it’s more of an amusing coincidence in each of our wondrous life journeys. Life’s funny sense of humor subtly revealing itself. All that fancy talk aside, the video above really seemed to capture a lot of my feelings after the last month out here in Utah. I just happened to find the video this morning, and it finally spurred me to put some thoughts to words about some of my adventures over the last few weeks.

Anton Krupicka is an amazing mountain/endurance athlete, and I dream someday of pursuing objectives similar to his own. What I think that AK has near mastered is the art of movement in the mountains. He has found ‘purpose’ in his life based in that -dare I say it- pure form of existence that comes with moving in mountain terrain. Many people including myself have happened to ride that high of physiologic neurotransmitters, the body drugs, that come with such a intense experience and it is addicting. There’s the famous John Muir quote, “The mountains are calling I must go,” and those words are much more profound than any hashtag or bumper sticker can contrive. Once you experience the range of emotions: excitement, fear, exhaustion, gratification, accomplishment and often humbling that come with the mountains, the stuff creeps into your soul and you just can’t get rid of the want, the need to experience it all again.

It is a bit of an understatement, but the last few years in school have put a real damper on my mountain endeavors. Save a few trips with family & Gabi, and some short adventures packed into the unfortunate realities of medical school, it’s been a long while since I have really been ‘getting after it’ in the mountains. Luckily, I have had the last few weeks to rekindle that relationship. It didn’t take long before the feeling of pulling on rock, transitioning my safety in and out of rope systems and tapping into that focus of moving high above the actual and existential ground reignited my passion for the lofty peaks. I love this shit.

Storm Mountain

The full alpine climbing experience on Storm Mountain


Indian Creek with Alan and Emily


The creek is spectacular







Little Cottonwood Canyon multipitch with Al


Can’t beat a good climbing partner


Mt. Olympus scramble




Squaw Mountain


22 pitches worth or movement on rock = rad.


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