(bows head..)


(slowly walks back into the room..)






It’s been a while, eh?..


I think it’s time to dust this blog off and get back to it. We all know the saying about excuses and the terminal end of our GI tract, and I’m not much in the mood to talk bellies after a month of general surgery.

Let’s just say there was a much needed break over the spring followed by a quick ramp up to the realities of starting residency and being an intern. I ‘unplugged’ from medicine and real life then promptly reconnected with an accidental finger on the prongs with wet hands and I may have sharted a little shock to start my intern year.

It’s been crazy. I’ve already worked harder than ever before. I’m impressively tired. But being a doctor is rad. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve done yet. There’s been a lot of adventure and medicine stories over that last few months that I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned. There’s so much to catch up on.



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