Where to even begin..


Yours truly

So my name is Jacob Current, but you can call me Jake. I always felt like Jacob was a bit too formal for me. I am 25 years old and the oldest of four kids. I come from the two greatest parents anybody could ask for, but I admit that I am surely biased. I married my high school sweetheart and the absolute love of my life, Gabi. We have one child named Watson, he is a 2 year old black lab and again in my biased opinion, the coolest dog on the planet. I went to Ohio University and got a degree in Pre-professional Biological Sciences. I was unfortunately unable to complete my other attempted degrees in Architecture, International (South American) Studies, Anthropology, or most sadly Outdoor Recreation & Education. I swear I had a plan Dad..


Oldie but a goodie of my crazy mustached family.


Wife and kid. Life.

What keeps me busy? Well, I tell people that I somehow have already acquired enough interests and hobbies to last me ten lifetimes. I am a rock climber, a mountain biker, a flyfisherman, a hunter, an ultrarunner, a hiker, a paddler, a mountaineer, a backpacker, a snowboarder, a dirtbike rider, a scuba diver, a surfer, an archer, a shooter, an artist, a woodworker, a writer and the list grows each day. My best buddy Shane and I used to joke that one of the biggest frustrations of any new hobby was that it always required a new bag/backpack and a different kind of shoes. I have a lot of shoes and backpacks.


Montana brown trout. Best trip ever.


Homegrown trophy.


Bikes. Always.

My latest endeavor is what I have to chock up as the best bad idea I ever had: medical school. I am a fourth year student at OU-Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine set to graduate this coming May of 2017 if all continues to go as planned, and then I am off to start a residency in Emergency Medicine after that. I still can’t believe that I will be Dr. Jake in less than 6 months from now. These are nerve-racking exciting times to say the least.

I started this blog because I want to offer a story/perspective that I am not sure anyone else is sharing right now. I have been constantly humbled and knocked down the figurative totem pole along my medical journey, but I have realized that I may have a story worth telling that could help others struggling along their own path in medicine. Medicine is a field/career/lifestyle that is plagued by big egos and fancy jargon, and it is easy to forget that doctors are in fact not robots, but actually real people that have lives and emotions. Regardless of how hard I try to hide it, farts are still really funny. Crazy patients make me laugh. Dying patients make me sad. I still dream of someday climbing 5.13 or biking the Tour Divide. I refuse to give up on staying human and happy in this field. Medicine is not the end to all things wild and exciting, it is merely another chapter of life’s greater story.

Hopefully this blog can offer something of value to you all beyond just a place to dump my own jumbled thoughts. Welcome to the blog and my madness. Feel free to comment, critique, ask questions, email me, or share your thoughts on the various social media avenues. I look forward to watching what this becomes. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the story of this adventurER in medicine!

-Jake- 2/1/17


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